Astrology 101

taught by Alice Inoue
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Astrology Handout
Astrology 101 Worksheet
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Course description

Do you think of astrology as the horoscopes you read in the newspaper for fun? Do you believe horoscopes just tell you what kind of day you will have, or what kind of person you are best suited to marry? Most people do, but did you know that astrology is actually so much more than that? By analyzing the position of the planets at the time of your birth, you can gain profound insight into who you are. This class will help you better understand your personality and life potential through your astrological chart. It’s a fun, basic beginner class where no knowledge of astrology is necessary.

Here is a source where you can get a free astrology chart to use for the class.

You will need your birthday, birth time and birth location to get an accurate chart. If you do not have your birth time, use 12 noon as the time.

If you do not have your birth time, then you can only fill out these areas on the Astrological Chart Worksheet:

Sign Emphasis: Sun Sign

Conjunctions with the Sun or Moon

If you have an approximation of your birth time, then you can fill in these areas on the Astrological Chart Worksheet:

Sign Emphasis: Sun Sign and Moon Sign

Conjunctions with the Sun or Moon

You can order a copy of your birth certificate at or you can obtain one at the Department of Health in the city where you were born.
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Alice Inoue
Alice Inoue
Chief Happiness Officer

Alice Inoue is the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Happiness University. She is an expert "life guide," and has helped thousands of people get clarity on their lives. Over the course of a dozen years she pioneered her own unique way to help others live more empowered lives. Her determination, inspiration and success led her to make countless appearances on radio and television as a life guide and happiness expert, and she has been prominently featured by all major state publications such as Midweek, Hawaii Business Magazine, Pacific Business News, the Star-Advertiser and more. In 2013 she was featured nationally on Lifetime Television's morning show where she was interviewed about her book on happiness.

She has written five nationally award-winning books with titles such as, Be Happy! It's Your Choice, A Loving Guide to These Shifting Times, Feng Shui Your Life!, Just Ask Alice, and Destination Happiness all focused on life wisdom, self-growth and happiness. She also has two columns, one in MidWeek titled "A Mindful Moment", and an award-winning weekly column in the Sunday Star-Advertiser called "Go Ask Alice!" offering pertinent life guidance.

She serves as the corporate presenter, as well as the main teacher for Happiness U, a business that helps both companies and individuals develop positive mindsets in order to live more inspired in their professional and private lives.

Instructor: Alice Inoue