Avoid Distractions 101

Do you need a plan to stay focused? Do you find that you have a lot to do, but by the end of the day have nothing to show for it? If so, you may just need some new perspectives on your life. During class we will write and examine your “to do” list, break it down in a new way, and look at it from a different perspective, giving you greater clarity. This will allow you to adopt new strategies and set boundaries. Leave class with a new plan. Distractions cease to exist once you define your focus.If you don’t put some effort into finding out how you can live a life that inspires you, your whole life will end up being just one big distraction.

Get Unstuck 101

Do you feel stuck in your life in some way, as if you aren’t moving forward in the way that you want? There are many reasons we can feel stuck in our lives.Perhaps you are in a job, relationship or situation that you are not inspired by, but feel that you can’t leave because of certain obligations or dynamics. Or, maybe you find yourself doing the same thing over and over, knowing that you need to make a change, but not knowing how. This class will address being “stuck” from a different perspective and bring a new awareness to your being. Come get insight into what may be keeping you in a stagnant place and how you can find a new path forward.