Get Over It 101

Do you have a situation, or is there someone or something that is zapping your energy?Do you feel angry, resentful or betrayed? Sometimes it helps to see what happened from a different perspective, and understand that the way to let go is not to “forgive and forget” or to judge what the other did as wrong, but to see how the situation came up for you to learn something, and grow from it.Whether what you are holding on to is a minor or major thing, if it happened in the past or is very recent, if it’s still in your life, you can gain value by seeing the bigger picture.This class is for you if you’re ready to balance it out and move forward, or at least take a step to feeling better about it.

Irritating Relationship Clarity 101

Do you notice that certain people’s actions really irritate you?Do you find that no matter what you tell yourself or how much you try to ignore what they do, this friend, significant other, or co-worker’s action can still get under your skin?While we are taught not to sweat the small stuff, it’s actually the small stuff that zaps our energy and scatters our focus.So, how do you resolve relationship annoyances (whether the other person knows how you feel or not) without nagging outwardly or fuming inwardly?In most cases, it’s not what the person does or doesn’t do that’s the issue, it’s what this action represents.This class is for you if you are ready to face yourself, see the deeper meaning, and move towards understanding the real cause of your irritation!