Do you want to learn to meditate? Have you ever tried to meditate and didn’t know if you were doing it right? What is the importance of meditation and how often should you do it? Are there different ways to meditate other than just “sitting there”? What if you can’t stop your active mind while meditating? All these questions will be answered and more. Meditation has become popular, not just for spiritual reasons, but also as a way to find balance and well-being. The first half of this class will be about the benefits of meditation, affirmations, visualization and setting an intention. The class will close with a relaxing guided meditation with music, to help you connect to your spirit of joy, peace and balance.

Meet the Instructor

Author & Life Expert

Alice Inoue

Aloha! I'm Alice.

As a multi-hyphenate, I love teaching anything I've learned that makes the journey of life smoother and more inspiring for others. I’m an award-winning author of eight books, a columnist in Hawaii’s largest weekly publication, and the founder of Happiness U, a unique business in Hawaii that offers in-person programs for personal and professional growth.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve helped tens of thousands of people and organizations upgrade their experience of life. Along this journey I've discovered that my purpose in life is to facilitate ease, provide hope and to inspire others to actualize their highest potential.

My expertise lies in the full spectrum of anything related to personal growth. From me you’ll find classes on everything from clutter-clearing and space alignment to productivity, personal empowerment and mindfulness.

My commitment is to share actionable skills, strategies and mindset techniques that are essential for living a heart-centered, successful, and meaningful life both personally and professionally.

I hope to see you in class soon!

PS. If you love personal growth, happiness and frequent inspiration, follow me on any of my social media channels to get bite-sized life wisdom.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Segment 1

    • Meditation & Affirmations 101 Sanctuary

    • Meditation & Affirmations 101 Segment 1-HD

  • 2

    Segment 2

    • Meditation & Affirmations 101 Segment 2-HD

  • 3

    Segment 3

    • Meditation 101 Segment 3-HD.mp4

  • 4

    Segment 4

    • Meditation & Affirmations 101 Segment 4-HD

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